OCM, Training & Documentation

New York City Department of Transportation, New York
Sign Information Management System
Delivery of training plan, training materials, and instructor-led training to support 600 users of a new web-based, GIS-enabled system for sign installation, inspection, repair and inventory management.
Subconsultant to Cambridge Systematics. Status: Completed

Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
New Payment Technology System User Manuals and Training
Development of user manuals and training materials, and delivery of instructor-led training for a new electronic, account-based system for subway, buses, trolleys and regional rail.
Subconsultant to Xerox. Status: Completed

New York City Department of Education
Special Education Student Information System (SESIS)
Implementation services for an enterprise-level case management system successfully deployed to 1,700 schools and 120,000 users. Deliverables included an Organizational Change Management Plan, Communications Plans, Training Plans and Materials, Website Design and Content, & Project Workflows.
Subconsultant to Maximus Inc. Status: Completed.